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  • This online application serves as a joint regional tool to identify low risk routes for IMO Ballast Water Convention exemptions (A-4) for HELCOM and OSPAR marine areas. Data are provided following the port survey protocol described in the HELCOM/OSPAR Joint Harmonised Procedure. The database contains environmental data recorded from OSPAR and HELCOM ports as well as species observations and applies World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) taxonomy. The data model used is based on Darwin Core format, with required extensions added. The database can be searched, viewed and downloaded using a specific web application. The whole database can be downloaded as a zipped ESRI File geodatabase. The HELCOM/OSPAR Ballast Water Exemptions Decision Support Tool was further developed in the EU INTERREG Baltic Sea Region project COMPLETE, following work developed with funding through the HELCOM ALIENS 2 and 3 and BALSAM projects by the HELCOM Secretariat and Germany (BSH/Brockmann consult). The data contained in the database are resulting from various sources and contains also historical legacy data from old projects. Main sources are listed below: - HELCOM and OSPAR countries national projects - HELCOM ALIENS 2 - HELCOM ALIENS 3 - HELCOM BALSAM