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  • This map shows probability of detection of harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in the Baltic Sea, for May – Oct. This dataset was produced by the EU LIFE+ funded SAMBAH project and maps the probability of detection of harbour porpoises in the study area, which extends from the Åland Islands in the north to the Darss and Limhamn underwater ridges in the southwest. The study area excludes areas of depths greater than 80 m. Probability of detection was modelled using General Additive Modelling and static covariates such as depth, topographic complexity, month, spatial coordinates and with time surveyed as a weight. Monthly predictions were done on a 1x1 km grid and averaged to result in seasonal distribution maps for May – Oct and Nov – Apr. This division of the year is a result of visual inspection of data and results, showing a clear separation of spatial clusters of harbour porpoises in the summer season May – Oct and a more dispersed pattern with no clear separation in Nov – Apr.