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  • Digitized from Mariners’ Routeing Guide Baltic Sea ISBN 978-3-89871-771-7 ( The line features are divided in categories, indicated by the the ZONE_TYPE attribute: 0 - Deep water route areas; 1 - Deep water route center line; 4 - Recommended route center; 6 - Traffic separation line; and 7 - Traffic separation scheme.

  • This dataset includes digitized deep-water route, traffic separation schemes, precautionary areas and inshore traffic zones in the Baltic Sea as defined in the 9th edition of the Ships Routing Guide (2008) of the International Maritime Organization. It was updated in 2017. The update includes information about new traffic separation schemes and deep-water routes, amendments to the existing traffic separation schemes and establishment of new two-way routes which are not included in the original 2008 routeing guide, but were adopted by the 54th, 55th, 57th, and 58th session of the Sub-Committee on the Safety of Navigation of the IMO, and 3rd session of IMO's Sub-Committee Meeting on the Navigation, Communications, Search and Rescue.