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  • In 2010, HELCOM completed the initial assessment (HOLAS I) of the ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea – including the associated costs and benefits to the society. The assessment was based on data from 2003 to 2007. The summary report can be found at: and more information about HOLAS I at: All datasets for HOLAS I and associated metadata were here compiled. The datasets are: BaP in mussel BaP in sediment BDE47 Status Benzo[b]fluoranthene status BghiP in mussels BghiP in sediment Bisphenol A in biota Cadmium in fish liver Cadmium in fish muscle Cadmium in mussels CB118 in fish CB118 in mussels CB118 in sediment Chlorophyll a status 2007-2011 Chlorophyll a status confidence 2007-2011 Chlorophyll a status distance to target 2007-2011 Coastal areas chl-a Coastal areas nitrogen Coastal areas overall eutrophication status Coastal areas phosphorus Coastal areas secchi DDE in herring DDE in mussels DDE in sediment DEHP in biota DEHP in sediment Dioxin and PCB in herring Dioxin and PCB in perch Dioxin in herring Dioxin in mussels Dioxin in perch Eutrophication status 2007-2011 Eutrophication status confidence 2007-2011 HCH in sediment HCH in water Interpolated benthic invertebrate status classification Interpolated chemical status Interpolated Chlorophyll a status classification Interpolated DIN status classification Interpolated DIP status classification Interpolated ecosystem health status Interpolated ecosystem health status Interpolated eutrophication status classification Interpolated secchi depth status classification Mercury in fish muscle Mercury in mussels Nitrogen status 2007-2011 Nitrogen status confidence 2007-2011 Nitrogen status distance to target 2007-2011 Nonylphenols Octylphenols Open sea areas benthic invertebrates Open sea areas chl-a Open sea areas nitrogen Open sea areas overall eutrophication status Open sea areas phosphorus Open sea areas secchi Overall biodiversity status coastal area Overall biodiversity status open sea Overall chemical status coastal areas Overall chemical status open sea Overall ecosystem health status coastal area Overall ecosystem health status open sea Oxygen status 2007-2011 Oxygen status confidence 2007-2011 Oxygen status distance to target 2007-2011 PFOS in herring liver PFOS in seal liver Phosphorus status 2007-2011 Phosphorus status confidence 2007-2011 Phosphorus status distance to target 2007-2011 SCCP in fish TBT in fish TBT in mussels TBT in sediment Water clarity status 2007-2011 Water clarity status confidence 2007-2011 Water clarity status distance to target 2007-2011 More information about the HELCOM holistic assessments can be found here: