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  • This core indicator evaluates the state of the marine environment using distribution of the three species of seals that occur in the Baltic Sea, harbour seal, ringed seal and grey seal. Quantitative thresholds are used to evaluate the core indicators status in "Achieve", "Fail" or "Not assessed". The core indicator has three components for each species: distribution of haul-out sites, breeding sites and foraging areas. Good status is achieved when the distribution of seals is close to pristine conditions (e.g. 100 years ago), or where appropriate when currently available haul-out sites are occupied (modern baseline), and when no decrease in the area of occupation occurs. The current evaluation covers the assessment period 2016-2021. This dataset displays the result of the indicator in HELCOM Assessment Scale 2 for harbour and ringed seal (Division of the Baltic Sea into 17 sub-basins). For grey seals results, HELCOM Assessment Scale 1 is displayed. Attribute information: (TO BE UPDATED) "HELCOM_ID" = ID of the HELCOM scale 2 assessment unit "Area (km2)" = Area of the HELCOM scale 2 assessment unit "Name" = Name of the HELCOM scale 2 assessment unit "Status" = Status of the indicator (“Achieve”, “Fail” or “Not assessed”) "AULEVEL" = Assessment unit level used for the indicator