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  • The dataset presents the status of the benthic habitats. The assessment is carried out by integrating the results of two state and one pressure indicator: State of the soft-bottom macrofauna community, Oxygen debt and Cumulative impact from physical pressures on benthic biotopes (CumI), respectively. The spatial unit of the assessment is comprised of areas resulting from the overlay of the separate indicators data sets. A relatively simple integration approach was applied for overlaying the state and pressure indicators, by using a decision tree with specific rules to determine the final status for the overlapping units. The physical loss areas, taken from the Spatial Pressure and Impact Assessment, are clipped out from the assessment and presented as separate units. The lineage section further down gives a more detailed description of the methodology. Attributes BHT: The MSFD broad habitat type Level_2: HELCOM level 2 assessment unit ind_present: Inidcators present in the spatial unit Cumi_class: The result class of the indicator Cumulative impact from physical pressures on benthic biotopes (CumI) cumi_value: The result class converted to a numerical representation Cumi_cnf: the Cumi confidence value state_ind_value: The value for the state indicator present in the spatial unit state_ind_cnf: The confidence value for state indicator BI_value: The final result value for the benthic integration achieve_fail: The achieve / fail / loss / Not assessed category for the final result value confidence: The confidence of the final result value area: Are of the spatial unit in square kilometers