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  • Recreational fishing yearly catches of cod 2011-2016 based on the reports of ICES Working Group on Recreational Fisheries Surveys (WGRFS). Recreational fishing is the capture or attempted capture of living aquatic resources mainly for leisure and/or personal consumption. This covers active fishing methods including line, spear, and hand–gathering and passive fishing methods including nets, traps, pots, and set–lines (considered recreational in some countries).

  • HELCOM Coastal fish core indicator database (COOL) contains updated data used in coastal fish core indicators for every current monitoring station in the Baltic Sea and information on the latest status assessment for the two coastal fish indicators: The collection of monitoring data is described in the Monitoring guideline: The database was developed in BalticBoost project ( Theme 1: Biodiversity, which focused on developing a biodiversity assessment tool and improving data arrangements for the biodiversity elements where this is limited (e.g. coastal fish, birds and seals) so that a comprehensive assessment of biodiversity in the Baltic Sea can be carried out by 2018. The monitoring data is reported by HELCOM Contracting Parties and reported data is verified annually by HELCOM FISH-PRO group.