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  • Information on the number of ships equipped with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) crossing specific passage lines in the Baltic Sea during one year period. Years included in the attribute table are 2006 to 2020 (included). For visualisation in the map service, total amount of passage line crossings during 2020 is used. Description of the attribute table field headings: Location= name of the AIS crossing line Cargo_XXXX = Year XXXX cargo ship crossings Passg_XXXX = Year XXXX passenger ship crossings Tankr_XXXX = Year XXXX tanker ship crossings Other_XXXX = Year XXXX other ship crossings Data is available for the following passage lines (rows in attribute table): Bothnian Sea, Drogden, East of Gotland, Gulf of Finland, Irbe Strait, Kadet Fairway, Langeland East, North of Bornholm, Skaw, South of Bornholm, The Great Belt East Bridge, West of Gotland, Åland East and Åland West. For more information about shipping traffic in the Baltic Sea, see