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  • This dataset represents the density of all IMO registered ships operating in the Baltic Sea. Shipping density is defined as the number of ships crossing a 1 x 1km grid cell. Density maps are annual and created for the time period 2006-2022 per all ship types and by IMO ship category. HELCOM Map and Data service contains maps of 2019-2022 shipping density per ship type and total annual shipping density from 2006-2022. Downloadable resource zip file contains all maps from 2006-2020 including both ship type specific densities and total densities. Raw AIS data used for creating the density maps is based on HELCOM AIS (Automatic Identification System) data. The HELCOM AIS network hosts all the AIS signals received by the Baltic Sea States since 2005. The AIS Explorer allows to compare density maps of different ship types per month: The data was processed to produce density maps and traffic statistics. All scripts are available in GitHub: The production of these maps have been carried out by HELCOM Secretariat for repeated times and supported by several project. During 2016-2017, the work was supported through the HELCOM project on the assessment of maritime activities in the Baltic Sea. The underlying AIS data processing work has been co-financed by EU projects Baltic Scope (2015-2017 EASME/EMFF/2014/ and Baltic Lines (2016-2019, Interreg Baltic Sea Region). In addition, the Ministry of the Environment of Finland supported the work with a special contribution in view of the use of the results in the HOLAS II process.