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  • This dataset contains the ship accidents in the Baltic Sea during the period 1989 to end of 2020. It is constructed from the annual data collected by HELCOM Contracting Parties on ship accidents in the Baltic Sea and EMSA EMCIP Database exctraction (for those Contracting Parties that are member of the EU). The accident data has been compiled by the HELCOM Secretariat and EMSA. According to the decision of the HELCOM SEA 2/2001 shipping accident data compilation will include only so called conventional ships according to the Regulation 5, Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 - any oil tanker of 150 GT and above and any other ships of 400 GT and above which are engaged in voyages to ports or offshore terminals under the jurisdiction of other Parties to the Convention. According to the agreed procedure all accidents (including but not limited to grounding, collision with other vessel or contact with fixed structures (offshore installations, wrecks, etc.), disabled vessel (e.g. machinery and/or structure failure), fire, explosions, etc.), which took place in territorial seas or EEZ of the Contracting Party irrespectively if there was pollution or not, are reported. The dataset contains the following information: Country Year Latitude = Latitude (decimal degrees) Longitude = Longitude (decimal degrees) Cause_details = Details on the accident cause Offence = Offence against Rule Damage = Damage Assistance = assistance after the accident Pollution = Pollution (Yes/No) Date = Date ( Time = Time (hh:mm) Location = Location of the accidents (open sea / port approach / at port) Sh1_Categ = Ship 1 type (according to AIS category) Sh1_Type = Ship 1 more detail ship type category Sh1_Hull = Ship 1 hull construction Sh1Size_gt = Ship 1 GT Sh1Sizedwt = Ship 1 DWT Ship1Draug_m = Ship 1 draught in meters Sh2_Categ = Ship 2 type (according to AIS category) Sh2_Type = Ship 2 more detail ship type category Sh2_Hull = Ship 1 hull construction Sh2Size_gt = Ship 2 GT Sh2Sizedwt = Ship 2 DWT Ship2Draug_m = Ship 2 draught in meters Acc_type = Type of accidents Colli_type = Type of collisions Acc_Detail = More information on the accident Cause_Sh1 = Cause of accidents from ship 1 Cause_Sh2 = Cause of accidents from ship 2 HumanEleme = Reason of human error IceCondit = Ice conditions CrewIceTra = Crew trained for ice conditions Pilot_Sh1 = Presence of pilot on ship 1 Pilot_Sh2 = Presence of pilot on ship 2 Pollu_m3 = Pollution in m3 Pollu_t = Pollution in t Pollu_type = Type of pollution RespAction = Response actions after the accidents Add_info = Additionnal information Ship1_name = Ship 1 identification Ship2_name = Ship 2 identification Cargo_type = cargo type ship 1 For more information about shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea, see the HELCOM annual reports: