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  • Location of water course modifications (trenching, culverting, canalisation). The data was made available by HELCOM Contracting Parties in response to data request. The data was received from Estonia, Finland and Poland. Data reported by Finland and Poland as water course modification were interpreted as pipelines and were included in HELCOM HOLAS 2 Pipelines dataset. The activity was declared as not relevant in Germany and Lithuania. From Latvia, Russia and Sweden no data was reported.

  • The data set contains information on the location of individual turbines of the offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea area. In addition to information on the location of the wind farms, the following information is included: Name, Country, Status (Generating power or under construction), Company, Capacity MW (whole park), number of turbines (whole park), construction year and source.

  • Dataset represent urban land use (urban areas) around Baltic Sea coast. The resolution of the data is 250 m x 250 m. The dataset is constructed from CORINE Land Cover (CLC) 2006 for EU countries and from Open street map (OSM) open source data in Russia. Dataset is based on data collated for the HELCOM Second Holistic Assessment of the Ecosystem health of the Baltic Sea. The dataset covers the whole catchment area of the Baltic sea.