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  • Recreational fishing yearly catches of cod 2011-2016 based on the reports of ICES Working Group on Recreational Fisheries Surveys (WGRFS). Recreational fishing is the capture or attempted capture of living aquatic resources mainly for leisure and/or personal consumption. This covers active fishing methods including line, spear, and hand–gathering and passive fishing methods including nets, traps, pots, and set–lines (considered recreational in some countries).

  • This dataset contains modelled small vessel fuel consumption. This describes the geographical distribution of the fuel used by small boats. The total fuel consumption was modelled in SHEBA project to study emissions from pleasure boats. The model is based on locations and berths in marinas and leisure harbours, AIS information, statistics on fuel sale and extensive survey. For 2018 version the layer is weighted with depth, log-transformed and normalised (please see below). This dataset was also used on HOLAS 3.